International Development Institute Africa

The International Development Institute- Africa is a private value- based knowledge enterprise of excellence providing a wide range of consultancy, research, training and policy analysis services in health and development.


Bryan Tumwa

I am a researcher in the development consulting field. I specialize in undertaking research
projects and policy analysis towards tackling some of the challenges that exist today in the quest to realizing the sustainable development goals towards a brighter and more prosperous future for
all by 2030. My work entails generating evidence for action through applied research in areas such as water, sanitation and hygiene, public health, governance, and capacity development.

Since 2016, I have completed several research and policy projects across Africa, though most of my travel has been in the East Africa Region.

My skillset includes policy analysis, project management, strategy development, data collection, qualitative data analysis, research proposal writing, implementing research projects, reporting and presentation. I enjoy collaborative work and I am always eager to discuss new opportunities that entail not only precipitating socio- economic development in communities in Africa but also building resilience in societies.

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