Elly Oduol

Board Chairman

Mr. Elly Oduol is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors at International Development Institute – Africa having taken up the mandate since January 2002.

Mr. Oduol holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the School of Public Health, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA (1987). He has a post graduate diploma in HIV/AIDS in the World of Work from University of Stellenbosch, South Africa (2002). He has also attended the Summer Graduate Programme on Communication for Social Development Planning, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York (1989) and the Summer Graduate Programme on Communication, Education and Research Programmes, University of Chicago, USA (1979).  His other accademic achievements include a diploma in Public Health (Royal Society of Health) – 1972 and a post graduate diploma in Health Education-1976- Medical Training College.

During his employment career, he participated in several management and interpersonal communication training programmes. He Holds certificates in conflict prevention/conflict resolution (UN staff college-Turin- 2000) and training in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and recently participated in the training on mainstreaming DRR in CCA/UNDAF at the UN staff college-Turin- 2010; and also participated in the UN SURGE training  in Amman-Jordan in 2009 (for deployment of Rapid Response Teams in disaster situations).

Mr. Oduol has 16 years of extensive experience in Crisis Prevention and Early Recovery/ Disaster Risk Reduction and Conflict. He joined UNDP Regional Office in Dakar in 2009 as Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR) Regional Programme Adviser. He has diverse experience in Crisis Prevention and Recovery technical areas of conflict and disaster management as well as policy development and programme management. During his tenure with BCPR he had a broad and intensive engagement with Country Offices across the full spectrum of areas from country support on early recovery and development, conflict sensitive programme design, governance, and access to justice, community development and disaster risk reduction and United Nations Development Assistance Framework/ Country Programme Document  (UNDAF/CPD). Just before joining UNDP West and Central Africa team Mr. Oduol was Senior Assistant Resident Representative and head of the Crisis Prevention unit of UNDP Kenya and the chair of the Inter-Agency Early Recovery Cluster during the post-election violence in Kenya, Chair and co-facilitator of UN System HIV/AIDS Learning Team in Kenya and Team Leader for the Mitigation Cluster of the Joint UN System HIV/AIDS Programme. Mr. Elly was instrumental in the establishment of the national steering committees on peace building,  conflict resolution and small arms reduction and the national platform for disaster risk reduction in Kenya.

In addition, Mr. Oduol has 20 years of leadership experience in HIV/AIDS programme development, implementation and evaluation including work with Government and Non-Governmental Organizations. He joined the UNDP as HIV/AIDS programme specialist in February 1996.  Prior to joining the United Nations Development Programme, he held several senior regional HIV/AIDS/health program planning, design/formulation and implementation positions in Eastern Africa region between 1984-1995 with African Medical and Research Foundation and Path Finder International. His extensive Government and NGO experience covers work on Primary Health Care, gender mainstreaming and integration of HIV/AIDS into population and development programmes.

Mr. Oduol has had extensive training in project management, gender mainstreaming and human rights approaches to programming, including development of qualitative and quantitative indicators for monitoring and evaluation of development programmes, management and coordination of emergency response activities. Mr. Oduol brings with him several years of multi –skilled professionalism and experience which remains an asset for programme management and evaluation.