Dr. Margaret Waga PhD


Dr. Margaret Waga is a member of the Board of Directors at the International Development Institute – Africa (IDIA).

Dr. Margaret holds a PhD Community Nutrition, Kenyatta University, Kenya (2003), Masters in Nutrition Education, Kenyatta University, Kenya (1990) , Bachelor of Education, University of Nairobi and special courses in International courses on Food Security and Study visit to IFPRI Washington DC.

Dr. Margaret has many years of diverse experience in academic, research, training, policy formulation, consultancy, and program design, implementation and evaluation in nutrition, food security, nutrition and HIV&AIDS with national, regional and international organisations. Although diversely experienced, her core competencies are as follows: Food and Nutrition security research, teaching & training; program planning, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; Designing food and nutrition security monitoring and evaluation systems. Evaluating the quality of published scientific work/articles Nutrition data management and analysis, Conducting Food and Nutrition Security Surveys, Deep understanding and implementation of nutrition specific, Development of country case studies on Nutrition and Agriculture, Policy Analysis/Evaluation, advocacy and communication, HIV&AIDS and interactions with food and nutrition security, Development of Food security Nutrition Country strategies/Multisectoral implementation plans.

Dr. Margaret is Nutrition and Communication Consultant. Previously she worked as Lecturer at the Kenyatta University, Regional Nutrition Advisor, MDG Centre in ESA, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi and Ethiopia (2010-2012), National Coordinator, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) (2005-2010) and has done various consultancies with different organizations.